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2:10 AM, 13 February 2018


Directory of useful resources

Paludina recently found the excellent https://www.iea.org/media/workshops/2014/egrdenergystorage/Yang.pdf

It would be good to create a directory of useful links like this - unfortunately we cannot simply download the files and serve them up under the reference section as we do with the BMN documents as that would be stepping on other's copyright toes.

When I have some time I will think about how best to index and present these links to third party information - but before that we can compile a list of the most informative links in this discussion thread.


8:35 AM, 13 February 2018

Just for starters

Page 4 Vanadis, manufactured units list here http://www.vanadispower.com/2.html and http://www.vanadispower.com/9.html

Vanadis Power GmbH Nordostpark 102 90411 Nürnberg, Germany
(49°29'15.03"N  11° 7'36.90"E)

UET Harbour Pointe, Mukilteo, Seattle (47°53'19.58"N 122°17'27.77"W)

Ronke Power 22 Xinda Street, Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone Wu Di Shi, 116 025

(38°51'28.92"N 121°30'56.84"E)

BNM Bolong New Materials http://bnm-bolong.com/index.php

Page 8, top left is NE Terre Drive Pulman WA United States ( 46°44'29.67"N  117° 8'36.60"W), the batteries are no longer showing on Google Earth.  This was the easy one

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