Trading Analysis - 8th Jan 2019


8 January 2019

End of Day

Initial upwards momentum was halted around 9AM when a 250K Sell was dropped in - the first in what seems like a long time, but is perhaps only 2-3 weeks. A Bed & ISA at 9:25AM and then not much else for the rest of the day. There was a lot less of the apparent churning of rollovers than appeared yesterday (only perhaps 300K as compared with 1M yesterday) - so the overall volume today, 2.5M is actually comparable with yesterday's 3.7M if you take out the churning of PI rollovers.

211,000 more Buys than Sells at the end of trading today. The apparent SP increase to 42.0p is entirely down to the end day auction. The effective end day trading position is around 41.4p.

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