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20 October 2018

Our community is incredibly diverse,  comprising people from all walks of life and with many different experiences of investing. There are perhaps just two things that all of them have in common: 1) they have chosen to take control of their long term finances to make their own investment decisions and 2) they have discovered Bushveld Minerals, the LSE forum and perhaps the Bushveld Perspective and wish to be a part of it all.

When presented with a community of new people, who may all seem to know each other and much more about what they are talking about than you do most people's reactions is to stay silent.

This project aims to counter that natural inclination to try and record the unusual, unexpected and sometimes surprising reasons that have brought new members to our community, what most impressed them when they got here and what has surprised them the most since.

If you have a perspective you would to contribute please email us at editorial @ - publishable or not, we're interested in all the feedback you have.

Maltby2002, 20th Oct 2018

I am a recently retired Economics teacher of 43 years standing and had my first taste of the stock market in 1984 with BT and I have been investing ever since. I invested my lump sum in the market a couple of years ago with mixed success and came across BMN Xmas 2016 after reading the LSE board. Followed the chat for a while and made my first investment Jan 2017 at 1.95p a share. I was massively impressed with the quality of research from Alfa et al and over the next few months sold many of my other investments for BMN with my overall average now around 5p.

I cannot speak too highly of the people on this discussion site for the time they spend educating people like myself on the technicalities involved with V and the energy storage business and I am as excited as them on how the BMN story will unfold over the coming weeks and months.

HaleSpur, 15th Oct 2018

I thought I would thank the usual suspects (Alfa, NickD, BBN, Fatbanker and others below) for introducing and educating me about BMN.

I only opened my first stocks and shares ISA in January and I initially started with a wide portfolio dipping into graphene/ technology shares (VRS and some other funds). I think batteries and storage are the future of the world.

Reading on LSE I stumbled across BMN accidentally at 19p approx 5-6 months ago. I was likely looking for battery storage materials and maybe saw REDT and the associated link to other BB's that people are interested in. What a great share I found!

Since then i have sold every other share and have only shares in BMN and AfriTin which for a nearly 36 year old might be a large gamble but one that might be worth taking for my circumstances. I think I recall Knutties post about if you take advice they say don't put your eggs into one basket but a lot of us have.

Keep up the good work guys and positivity as its helping myself and others hold for the long term!

Ninvestor, 15th Oct 2018

Not a new investor, but will share how I found Bushveld.

Reading through various RNS releases last June, and found BMN (repaying Barak financing early) 

Next step was reading the board here, was impressed with the technical nature of discussion and although I didn't (and still don't) understand every detail, I was inspired to buy my first shares at around 9.5p. 

Have followed the company closely since, with their own releases/B.Perspective and Twitter. I'd like to echo the sentiment of others regarding thanks to the LTHs for their insight and particularly Alfacomp for the trading analysis.

James0309, 15th Oct 2018

Hi all, my first post both on LSE and as a new investor in BMN. Until recently I had not previously acquired any shares, but after experiencing redundancy for the first time in my career I had the opportunity to invest my redundancy in the market. After dabbling in a couple of shares and losing a couple of thousand pounds over a short period, I was about to divest and put it all into a managed fund.

Then I discovered BMN. Even though that was only as recently as July, I cannot recall exactly how I stumbled across the company (I can only think I may have mis-keyed the ticker on another share or it may have been mentioned on another board). Anyhow, I spent a few hours reading a number of articles on the amazing TBP (thanks Alfacomp) and decided to purchase my first batch of shares. Having initially bought in at 25p, I watched the price fall, but managed to increase my holding and reduce my average price. As the share price rose again, I bought on the way up and built up a holding of 135,000 shares at an average of 24p within our (myself and the wife) ISA’s. I was thrilled to watch the price climb during August while spending two weeks in Marbella. During the strike I was underwater by about £8.5k and if it wasn’t for the contributors on the board I would definitely have cut my losses and bailed. The experience and reassuring comments from the LTH’s posts (Nick, Alfa, BBN, Pdub etc.) gave me the confidence to hold and I have been rewarded. I had no knowledge of MM’s, EW’s, spreads or UT’s but feel I have increased my knowledge considerably, particularly from the daily trading analysis of the past few weeks (thanks again Alfa!).

This feels like an amazing company to be invested in and a great community working together to achieve each individual’s goals and I plan to become a long term investor. With no more cash available, I have set aside £50k in my SIPP to increase my holding and the funds are ready and waiting for me to press the buy button. Although I plan to remain long I am waiting to see where the price moves following the Q3 production results. That’s my story and I will continue to read the board with interest and hopefully post occasionally (the next time I will probably hold in excess of 300,000 if my buy goes through at current prices). Please feel free to add my details to the list of PI holdings. GLA

Drowningman, 15th Oct 2018

Whilst I'm posting for first time on the BMN board can I say that this is by far the most professional board I've ever come across and you guys have certainly helped convince me that this is a great place to invest my money.

Serenus, 3rd Oct 2018

Hello everyone, I'm a new AIM investor and began looking at BMN a couple of weeks ago after finding this BB, which is both positive and refreshing. The wealth of knowledge and information that you share is incredible, so thank you all. 

I followed the 'DYOR' advice, reading and watching everything I could find on Bushveld Minerals. I'd never heard of Vanadium before let alone VRFBs but as Peter Kay once said about garlic bread, energy storage is the future. Fortune Mojapelo and Mikhail Nikomarov's vision for Bushveld Energy combined with growth potential and LTHs belief in BMN is what swayed me to invest.

The average share cost of my holding is 28.53p. My buys were in blocks of 29p and 29.42p on the back of the H1 results, then topped up again yesterday at 27.59p and 27.65p. I admit I feel peaky seeing my new investment move swiftly into the red but remind myself I was happy to get in at under 30p last week. 

I was flummoxed as to why the share price was dropping based on all the good news and Vanadium values. However, being new to AIM I have since learned on this BB about MMs games and shorting shenanigans. The Bushveld Perspective's Trading Analysis updates have been a godsend in calming my nerves and irritation (thank you @Alfacomp). I'm all in with this share for the long term and hope to be a member of the £1 party. GLA :)

MarcoT, 28th Sept 2018

It was October 2017 when I came across a post on the BB of another stock I was invested in. The content of the post was about the benefits of stop losses. It was very well written and made me curious to see where else this person was posting. That led me to the Bushveld Minerals board. Though I’m not a scientist, or experienced investor for that matter, I quickly realised there was some serious content being written by many posters about this company, and after doing some of my own meagre research, knew I had found a gem. I totally bought into the concept of BMN, so literally bought into Bushveld, and have done ever since.

I am genuinely blown away by the breadth of knowledge of several posters, and religiously read the board, which is what gives me the encouragement to remain invested, and continue to add to my holding.

Headancer, 14th Sept 2018

I came here and read this and I have to say it's one of great forensic analysis.

Yes its a gamble and if i lose my shirt I have nobody to blame but me BUT in terms of the product, prices, management structure, fwd fcasts, ALPHA and a couple of others (knuttie) their input has been bang on. 

I work in the NHS my salary is poor hours long and I rely on being shrewd to try and gain a meagre 6% a year on a modest amount to top up and pay bills. So far in other areas I have succeeded.

I wouldn't put my life savings here BUT I do now have 50,000 which could be life-changing...

When i read some of the twoddle written by so called media journalists I wince and as I stated last week one tipped Sirius to go to 50p all based on "ifs"...well the if turned sour within 14 days.

I might STILL lose my shirt but I wont because of the info here.

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